SV Collection

The S.V. Collection


Our premiere offering, something truly makes Sevigne Platinum stand out from the rest. Made from the finest grains and distilled 6 times for an extra smooth taste. Enjoy our Platinum vodka on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Either way, it’s as refreshing as the early sunrise and remarkable as the night sky. We are sure at first taste, you will agree.


We say it’s amazing, but we never want to toot our own horn.  So we will let you be the judge. Picture fresh, delicious strawberries mixed with luscious passion fruit.  Yes.. right there… that’s it… YES!!! Amazing!


The Spiced Apple version is blended to perfection with just the right touch of spice and an abundance of flavorful apples, making your cocktail the perfect balance.  We think its best on the rocks with a cinnamon stick, but its equally good in an apple martini.